Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wore this outfit to school on Friday. Both the shoes and the shirt are new. I am standing in front of the newly painted walls of my new room. The color is from the Ralph Lauren Suede line so that is why it kind of looks like suede. It also changes color throughout the day depending on the light because it has glass particles in it. I am in love; it is exactly the color I wanted, which is gorgeous!
I have been mobbed with schoolwork the last few weeks. I hate it; I have no free time at all and I can never really post that much on the blog. It drives me insane! However, once my room is completely finished I will have my own little perfect space to take pictures. Plus, my birthday is coming up on October 16th and I think that I might be getting a dslr camera! So pictures will be better quality soon. I hope that I don't have tons of homework this week, because if I don't I will attempt to post some more outfits.
One more thing, as of now I get extremely annoyed with not wearing a school uniform hahaha. It is so challenging picking out an outfit everyday! I like the fact that I get to express myself through my clothes and style but I'm just sick of it already. I definitely have to adjust to this though, hopefully it will get easier as I go along.

Skirt: Free People/ Shirt: The Gap/ Blazer: My Brother's/ Shoes: Macy's

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Outfit Post + Update

Alright, well, I am so sorry for my lack of posts and updates lately! I have had no time to take pictures of any outfits, kind of depressing if you think about it. Hahaha. Anyways, I guess we should begin from the last time I posted. I went to the mall with my mom and my cousin for some back to school shopping and got a marching band jacket from H&M and an oversized gray sweater, some necklacesm and gray leggings from Forever 21.
On September 1st I went with my aunt to Soho in NYC. It was so fun! I got a plaid dress and purple tunic from Zara, a long sleeve Fashion's Night Out tee, a multicolored shawl sweater from Urban Outfitters, and a long black cardigan and cream colored dress from Topshop. The store is gigantic and amazing. The only bad thing was that most of the stores didn't really have that much fall/winter stuff which is what I was looking for.
I went back to school on the 3rd and I wore a blue Vintage Havana dress which I have never posted but I plan on posting soon. Some of my other school have been blog repeats but I have only had to choose five outfits so far because we had off Monday and had a field trip Wednesday. Lately, I have been busy with school though. I am already swamped with projects and homework; it is so annoying! I am definetly going to try harder to take more pictures though.
I took some pictures yesterday so I just have to take some more so that I can have a gigantic, fun blog post with TONS of pictures. I will post again soon, hopefully.
Skirt: Free People/ Shirt: Marshall's/Belt: Boutique
Took a picture of this outfit at the end of July and never posted it. Hopefully you like it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crochet Me a Rose

These are the Free People tights I ordered awhile ago while they were on sale. I put these two outfits together to possibly wear in fall/winter. I go back to school on Thursday and I still don't really know what I am going to wear. I will put something together cute though.
Jacket: Vintage/ Tights: Free People
Dress: Vertigo Paris/ Tights: Free People/ Shoes: Vintage Doc Martens

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Hiatus Soon to be Over

Sorry I haven't gotten to post at all lately. First I went on a short two day vacation and then I was super busy the rest of the week. I have wanted to post a bunch of outfits but I can never find the time to take pictures of them.
Best of all is that my grandma and I have begun to clean out her attic! We only got to the stuff around the entrance of it Wednesday when I went but I think I am going back next Wednesday to finish it. So far I have gotten two flannel shirt, a pink striped button down, a beautiful black dress, a plaid ruffle shirt, a blazer, and two pairs of leather boots! One pair is black with a chunky heel and one is a pair of gorgeous plain brown leather boots that are pull on's. I can't wait until the winter when I can finally wear them. I really need to post these things soon!
I will definetly take the time in the next few days to post something. School starts September 3rd for me and it could not be coming up any quicker. Plus I have no idea what I am going to wear the first day!

Friday, August 14, 2009


I wore this today to run errands with my mom and brothers. Tomorrow we are having a garage sale so my house is kind of hectic right now. I have done pretty much nothing the last few days except the furniture for my new room came and I love it! I can not wait until the room is done.. I will definitely be posting pictures when everything is up and running.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lookbook! collective fashion consciousness.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to MKasel on Teen Vogue for inviting me to join Lookbook. I am super excited and I can't wait to post more looks.

Click here to check out my lookbook page: ­

Monday, August 10, 2009

New Buys

Last Wednesday while on vacation we went to to the outlets nearby where we were staying. In all I purchased a dress, a pair of sandals, a scarf, one black ribbed tank, and one white one for a total of $44.94! I thought that was pretty good for all of the things that I got so I was very happy. Yesterday I went with my family to the outlets that just opened near my house. I got a military style vest, a black tee and a white tee.
Since I really enjoyed making outfits for my new buys last time I decided to do it again today.

I got this dress at the Saks off Fifth outlet. I bought it for $10.96 down from $102 originally.

Tee: Bebe/ Skirt: Vintage/ Belt: Thrifted
I wore this outfit today. The shoes I got at the American Eagle outlet for $9.99. I have wanted these since the beginning of summer so it was nice to get them for such a great price.

Vest: Bebe/ Shirt: The Gap/ Shorts: Levi's/ Knee Highs: Kohl's/ Shoes: Vintage Doc Martens
Vest: Bebe/ Shirt: Target/ Shorts: The Gap/ Socks: Target

Vest: Bebe/ Shirt: H&M/ Tank (Underneath): American Eagle/ Jeans: Earl's

Vest: Bebe/ Shirt: Old Navy/ Skirt: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes: Shi
This vest I got yesterday at the Bebe outlet. I am really in love with it and know that it will be extremely versatile for fall and winter. I have been really into the military style vest and jackets so its great to finally have an article of clothing that falls into that category. I do hope to get a marching band or military style jacket for fall and winter too, though.

I'm Back!

Alright, well I'm finally back!I have really missed blogging the last week.. it feels like I haven't posted in forever! While on vacation I really wanted to take some amazing pictures of outfits and such on the beach but unfortunetly that plan didn't work out so nicely. I just felt weird disappearing to go take pictures of myself when I have twelve cousins who would come to find me. I didn't really want to ask someone to take the pictures either because I was afraid it would be awkward, or maybe it wouldn't have been. Anyways, rant over. I had an amazing time on vacation! I went shopping, sort of got a good tan, and just did really fun vacation things (swimming, went on a sailboat, sat on the beach, etc..). I got some pictures of outfits but not many at all so I guess you will have to wait to see some in later posts. Sorry guys, my plans never work out.
On Saturday I went to a beach party so I just wore black soffe's and a tie-dye sweatshirt. I felt very beachy, hahaa.
On Sunday I wore a repeat blog outfit; the white dress and blue oxford with the blue waist belt.
On Monday I wore my blue high-waisted shorts with a plaid abercrombie tank I posted a while ago.
Tuesday I wore the gray anthropologie vest, which I decided to keep, with old black shorts of my mom's that I cut up the Friday before we left. I really like them and plan to post them soon.
On Wednesday we went to the outlets nearby and I got some great buys which I am going to post separately.
Finally, on Friday I wore this for the annual "cousins" picture that my aunt always takes and then sends out for Christmas. Then I took some pictures with my three girl cousins close to my age..
Tank: J. Crew/ Skirt: Pacsun/ Belt: Brother's
Roasting marshmellows is great..
Modeling a beautiful comforter, ahahaa..
Piggy-back rides are always fun.. unless you are weak like me

Friday, July 31, 2009


Sorry for my lack of posts this week; None of my outfits have been anything exciting. I am leaving on vacation tomorrow for a week. I will have my computer so I may try to post but I don't want to make any promises. If I don't though I will definetly have a huge post when I return home. Have a good week everyone =]

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Storm Front

This is what I wore today. All I really did was clean my room and organize some things. I found this concert tee shirt last week when we cleaned out the attic. It is from a Billy Joel concert my mom went to in 1990. I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to keep it and I finally got to wear it today. I just started reading The Alchemist for summer reading, and I actually like it so far. Hopefully it will stay good because I hate when the summer reading books are dreadful. What do you guys have to read for summer, if you actually are required to read anything?

Shirt: Vintage
Shorts: The Gap

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I wore this outfit yesterday just to run errands with my mom and then babysit my cousins. These are the high-waisted shorts I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters last week for $20 and I really think they are the perfect alternative to the cutoffs I have been wearing all summer long. I went to the beach for a little today but when the clouds started rolling in we were forced to leave. It was also a 'red flag' so we couldn't even go in the ocean either. What a great beach day !

Shirt: Mom's
Shorts: UO
Bracelets: Flea Market

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leather and Lace

Today my mom and I cleaned out half of our attic because it was raining. The lace slip pictured below is probably my favorite thing out of what we found. We came across a black vintage bodysuit with buttons down the front that accidentally was put in the pile of stuff we are selling for our garage sale so I am going to have to find it. Yesterday I found this leather jacket in my youngest brother's closet along with the small blue blazer I posted yesterday. I was pretty excited because I finally found something that fits me pretty well and now I don't have to go out and buy one. I honestly don't possibly think it could have actually been his because it's pretty big so I have been wondering where it came from. I guess I will ask my mom later..

Jacket: Unknown
Slip: Mom's
Leggings: Target
Shirt (Underneath): Old Navy; I really wanted to wear a black tank top with it because the shirt looks kind of awkward but mine is in the wash

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Alright, well a lot has happened in the past few days which is the reason why I have not posted.
On Friday I went to my good friend's house and then slept over. It was too fun to even explain. That night we went shopping at Anthropologie which was good because they had a lot of stuff on sale.
I got this vest there but I am almost positive I am returning it because I feel like $40 was too much to spend on it. What do you guys think?

Saturday morning was even more exciting, though. We decided it would be fun to check out the thrift store around the corner from her house. I got a three belts and a blazer. Today I decided to put together an outfit for each of the things that I purchased, which proved to be a good way to spend my time.
Blazer: thrifted, Shirt: unknown, Jeans: American EagleI would consider this blazer a pretty amazing find. It is Ralph Lauren and still has the tags on it. I bought it for $15 when it was originally $250. It will be great to throw on in the fall and spring for school when I don't feel like putting together an outfit because it is super comfy.

These belts were each $1. I was so excited to find some cute, cheap belts since I have been obsessed with them lately.

Dress: Abercrombie, Shirt: Brother's, Belt: thrifted
I decided to start with the blue one since it is my favorite. The color is amazing and I really like it against the gold. It will definitely be great to add to otherwise boring outfits.

Shirt: unknown, Belt: thrifted, Skirt: Ralp Lauren dress from when I was little
I like this belt a lot too. I am not sure that its going to be that easy to pair with things though because of the color, which I think is definitely a little bit off.

Blazer: little brother's, Shirt: Ann Taylor, Belt: thrifted
This belt will be great to pair with a lot of things. I have been wanting a braided belt for a while so it was great to get one for only a dollar.

When we returned from the thrift store we came home to just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. My friend's house is probably my favorite house ever; it is really old and just about everything about it is absolutely gorgeous. Anyways, in her kitchen their was a closet that the previous owners had put in but my friend's mom thought their may be a hidden servant's staircase behind the closet wall that they had covered up and there was! When the wall was demolished there were stairs leading up to a closet upstairs that the other owners had put in as well. Then, when we pulled up the floor and we had practically a whole staircase in front of our eyes, they only have to add a few at the bottom. Well, every kid always dreams of finding a secret passageway in their house. The only thing is I am too old to pass for a kid at this point and it wasn't actually in my house, hahahaa. This may sound really stupid to you but I really did think that it was awesome.
I managed to take a couple of pictures on my cell phone:

From the bottom..

From the top.. isn't the ledge cute?

A couple hours after I got home from my friend's my two cousins arrived for the visit at my house. We did so much in only two days that it probably seems really overwhelming; but it
wasn't it was just super, super fun.
On Saturday night we went back to Anthropologie, this time I didn't get anything though. My cousin got a really cute dress that I wish I could have gotten too but instead we decided to do a clothing swap so I will probably get a chance to wear it anyways. After we went there we went to Marshall's, I only got a pair of leggings but this hat looks kind of cute so it may have been a good idea to check the price. We went to go hibachi after that which was amaazinnggg as usual.
Fooling around.. and yes, I do need glasses.

On Sunday we went to the beach and I finally got a good start on my summer tan. After the beach we went to my uncle's house for a bbq. We went in his pool for awhile and then he took us on the boat to go tubing! When we got home we watched the moving Knowing with Nicholas Cage about the numbers that predict all the world disasters. It was reaallyy good up until the end when they pretty much ruined the movie. How disappointing..
Amazingly funnn..

On Monday we went to go get bagels wearing this:
We got some stares and one guy said "You guys are looking very theatrical today.. what is the occasion?" Hahhahahaa

Then, we went to pretty much the biggest mall I have ever been too so we could meet my aunt because my cousins were already going home. Atleast we got a lot done. I bought a pair of high-waisted blue shorts from Urban Outfitters for $20 that I couldn't get a picture of yet because they were in the wash. Finally I found the perfect other option of shorts rather than cutoffs. I will probably be wearing them in the next few days so I will post them soon.
Yesterday we went into the city to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Imax. It was sooo amazing, even though I am a few chapters from finishing the book. As you can probably tell, I didn't have much time for reading this weekend.
Well, thanks for reading if you actually did.