Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Storm Front

This is what I wore today. All I really did was clean my room and organize some things. I found this concert tee shirt last week when we cleaned out the attic. It is from a Billy Joel concert my mom went to in 1990. I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to keep it and I finally got to wear it today. I just started reading The Alchemist for summer reading, and I actually like it so far. Hopefully it will stay good because I hate when the summer reading books are dreadful. What do you guys have to read for summer, if you actually are required to read anything?

Shirt: Vintage
Shorts: The Gap


  1. Awesome shirt! =]

  2. i love your shorts, the t-shirt is cool.
    i have to read mr pip my lloyd jones for summer :)

  3. i love your tee!! and i am very surprised but i actually don't have to do any required reading this summer! so i am just reading the devil wears prada for fun lol