Saturday, July 25, 2009


I wore this outfit yesterday just to run errands with my mom and then babysit my cousins. These are the high-waisted shorts I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters last week for $20 and I really think they are the perfect alternative to the cutoffs I have been wearing all summer long. I went to the beach for a little today but when the clouds started rolling in we were forced to leave. It was also a 'red flag' so we couldn't even go in the ocean either. What a great beach day !

Shirt: Mom's
Shorts: UO
Bracelets: Flea Market


  1. I quite very much like those, yes, cutoffs are starting to aggrivate me, they start to loook like a cat toy with all the strings hanging loose, well a 90's kitty cat toy that is.

    But $20 ain't too shabby, I only like the sale section at UO, so maybe it will go down to 10 & I'll grab myself a pair.

    Have a very merry nice day !

  2. Whoops, forgot, shirt is lovely !

  3. That shirt is adorable! And I love ANYTHING highwaisted. ;]

  4. i am in love with that outfit! the lace is really pretty and the colour of the shorts is cool.