Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Hiatus Soon to be Over

Sorry I haven't gotten to post at all lately. First I went on a short two day vacation and then I was super busy the rest of the week. I have wanted to post a bunch of outfits but I can never find the time to take pictures of them.
Best of all is that my grandma and I have begun to clean out her attic! We only got to the stuff around the entrance of it Wednesday when I went but I think I am going back next Wednesday to finish it. So far I have gotten two flannel shirt, a pink striped button down, a beautiful black dress, a plaid ruffle shirt, a blazer, and two pairs of leather boots! One pair is black with a chunky heel and one is a pair of gorgeous plain brown leather boots that are pull on's. I can't wait until the winter when I can finally wear them. I really need to post these things soon!
I will definetly take the time in the next few days to post something. School starts September 3rd for me and it could not be coming up any quicker. Plus I have no idea what I am going to wear the first day!

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