Saturday, September 19, 2009

I wore this outfit to school on Friday. Both the shoes and the shirt are new. I am standing in front of the newly painted walls of my new room. The color is from the Ralph Lauren Suede line so that is why it kind of looks like suede. It also changes color throughout the day depending on the light because it has glass particles in it. I am in love; it is exactly the color I wanted, which is gorgeous!
I have been mobbed with schoolwork the last few weeks. I hate it; I have no free time at all and I can never really post that much on the blog. It drives me insane! However, once my room is completely finished I will have my own little perfect space to take pictures. Plus, my birthday is coming up on October 16th and I think that I might be getting a dslr camera! So pictures will be better quality soon. I hope that I don't have tons of homework this week, because if I don't I will attempt to post some more outfits.
One more thing, as of now I get extremely annoyed with not wearing a school uniform hahaha. It is so challenging picking out an outfit everyday! I like the fact that I get to express myself through my clothes and style but I'm just sick of it already. I definitely have to adjust to this though, hopefully it will get easier as I go along.

Skirt: Free People/ Shirt: The Gap/ Blazer: My Brother's/ Shoes: Macy's

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