Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today we went to the mall. I returned a dress to J. Crew and got a store credit which will be good for fall shopping. The dress I wore was my Confirmation dress last year and I really wanted to figure out a way of wearing it again. I also received a few items in the mail that I ordered from Free People. Hopefully I will be able to debut them on the blog soon. Tomorrow I think I may be going shopping with one of my very good friends so I am verryyy excited.

Dress: Vertigo Paris from Century 21
Blazer: Brother's
Belt: Brother's (It is too small for him)
Shoes: Kohl's


  1. love the combination of it all!
    the blazer looks great!
    great outfit!

  2. Love this outfit Ciara!

    Btw, you're up on the blog!